Shooting Modes

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These provide photographers with greater control and creativity in picture taking.

  • Auto Scene Position: Lets photographers specify the type of pictures they are

taking (portrait, landscape, etc.) for beautiful, customized results without having

to worry about manual exposure adjustments.

  • Auto Scene Recognition: Framed scenes are automatically detected and selected into appropriate camera settings: Portrait, Landscape, Macro, and Night.
  • Automatic Mode: Controls camera exposure for optimal picture quality.
  • Continuous Mode: Lets photographers take multiple pictures with the minimal lapse of time between shots. Photographers can sometimes shoot up to 40 frames/second by adjusting the focus.
  • Macro Mode: Allows photographers to take close-up pictures by adjusting the focus.
  • Manual Mode: Allows photographers to take total control over elements like focus, white balance, color, and exposure.
  • Movie Mode: Allows photographers to record digital video clips, sometimes with sound.
  • Film Simulation Mode: Simulate the distinctive look of 5 different types with just a touch of a button. Modeled on Fujifilm brands loved by professional photographers, each breathes life into your image with a quality that previously only film could capture:

o Provia: a Powerful mode for any subject. Produce colors with the natural tone of PROVIA film, trusted by professional photographers.

o Velvia: Mode for distinctive saturation and the colors of Velvia. Produce

the vivid colors of subjects in photos with great sharpness and color tones.

o Astia: Mode for soft, fine, smooth tonality. Fidelity of huge and soft tone

are the features of this mode.

o B&W: Capture the dramatic honesty of your image in black and white.

o Sepia: Create a sense of nostalgia with the warm brown “antique” tones of Sepia

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