1. Hi Kurtis, Actually those photos can be sold & printed in a form of Wall arts, home decor, accessories, greeting cards & phone cases, then it will be delivered to your place. thanks for dropping by & glad that you liked the photos.

  1. The pictures on the site are very good and the image quality is excellent. I particularly like the image: ‘silhouette’. The effect of the sun setting and use of colors are beautiful. I like that the print can be ordered on a t shirt and greeting cards. Will you be uploading more pictures soon?

  2. Awesome photos! I especially love the photos of the sea! Great work! I also love the layout of your gallery! I also love the photos of the Doha Towers. The colours are so vivid and absolutely beautiful. Your photos are truly unique! Great work! I plan to return and I hope to see more seascapes in your collection!

  3. Nice gallery, Ehab. That looks like a Fine Art America gallery. I have a profile and gallery with them as well. I don’t have a photography related website, but have posted the gallery widget on my photography Facebook page.

  4. Hi Ehab, Your gallery is so beautiful, and I am glad I got to see it. I don’t know much about photography, but I do know what is awesome. It has to be wonderful to travel and see the beauty in this world. How long have you been interested in photography? Isn’t it a expensive hobby? I really enjoyed your website!
    With Kind Regards,

    1. Hello Linda, thanks for dropping by, I was interested in photography from around 8 years, by the evolution of cameras i decided to buy a DSLR from 5 years & start learning photography, as more as i get knoldgew about photography i feel like i have to upgrade my lenses, sure it’s little expensive but it depends of what kind of photos will makes you satisfied 🙂

  5. Wow! Your gallery looks almost unreal. Hahahaha. I love your 360 Panorama photo. Do you have other products like postcards too? And how many countries have you travelled to? I would love to be able to take photos like these when I have the time to travel, and I would definitely look for more information on your site! Keep producing awesome content 🙂

    1. Hi Gin, thanks for your comment, if you clicked any photo you will find all the options, you will find greeting card, i traveled to Qatar,Thailand & Maldives, i recommend to you reading this how to be a professional photographer article i am sure you will learn a lot from it, good luck with your next photo shots 🙂

  6. Hey there, you have a great idea for a website! I really like the great selection of images that you have used. The website clear and has a great layout and I like the way you have used the keywords to categorise your pictures, which makes it easy for the user to use. The colours of your website are great as well as they help the user focus on your pictures. Fantastic, Well done!

  7. great site, love the email capture tool! this rocks. good looking side bar widgets, with the link to sale products which i presume earns you a commision? lots of info on this site, with some really great offers, linking to lots of different products. you must have spent a lot of quality time on this site. how long did it actually take to build, and what is your traffic flow. Great site, well done, wish i could do something like this with mine!

    1. Thanks Glenn for your feedback, actually it took about 6 weeks to organize the menus and the widgets & then start creating posts in the following weeks.

  8. I love my new Cannon Digital SLR and can’t wait to one day buy a new zoom lens for it. Your photos are amazing. Not only rich with color, but you definitely have the eye to see things in a way others wouldn’t think. So very creative. You’re an inspiration to beginning photographers like me! Thanks for sharing!
    Pj Germain

    1. Thanks Germain, i’m very happy that you liked the gallery, go on & capture a lot of photos with your Canon DSLR 🙂

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