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Photography Basic Quiz - 1

10 Basic Photography Questions.

The ISO Means?
What is Exposure Triangle?
Which of the below figures represents long shutter speed?
I want to get blurry background! which Aperture I should use?
Shutter speed (1/4000) will
The distance between the lens and the image sensor when the subject is in focus is known as?
Which F stop will give you thinner depth of field?
When shooting in bad light situations without tripod you should ....................................... to get better exposure.
The Lower the ISO setting, the more likely your photograph will be
The process of removing unrealistic color casts is known as.
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Photography Basic Quiz - 1
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Photography Basic Quiz - 2

10 Basic Photography Questions.

The lens IS (VC, VR) will help reduce camera shake when shooting handheld.
To help avoid camera shake you should use a faster shutter speed than at least 1/Focal length