Fast Shutter Speed Photography -Important Things To Consider

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What is fast shutter speed photography?

The fast shutter speed photography could be anything more than 1/500th of a second. Yet, advanced digital cameras are speedier than this. On the off chance that you have a digital camera, you might as well have the capacity to choose shutter speeds up to 1/8000th of a second – unbelievably fast!

This means the screen opens for only 1/8000th of a second. In this brief minute, time is truly frozen. As a picture taker, you can utilize this brief minute inventively to catch movement.

Effect of different shutter speeds on a photograph(At the left side the shutter speed was too fast which freezes the motion)

Effect of shutter speed

Your Shutter Speed should be Fast Enough

However how fast is enough? There is something many refer to as the Reciprocal Rule intended to help you with that reply. This rule expresses that your shutter speed ought to be in any event equal of the focal length. That sounds convoluted, yet don’t stress it is anything but difficult to make sense of.

You simply put one over your focal length and that is your base shutter speed. Along these lines, for instance, if the focal length is exactly 60mm, simply ensure your shutter speed is about 1/60th of a second or quicker.

On the off chance that you are zoomed in and the focal length is approximately 200mm, ensure the shutter speed is 1/200 of a second or speedier. Any slower than that and the time has come to break out the tripod (or raise the aperture and also raise the ISO).

Stop the Action

In times of high activity or dramatization, you can stop the movement by utilizing a fast shutter speed.

Fast shutter speeds are utilized to stop activity versus giving it a chance to blur over a photo. Speeding autos, plunging swimmers, mischievous kids, racing animals, and more can all be frozen through fast shutter speed photography.



Direction and Speed of the moving subject

The most powerful variable with regards to freezing movement is the rate and heading of the moving subject. On the off chance that the movement is moderate, similar to somebody waving his hand, you most likely can solidify that movement with a 1/100th-second shade speed. Be aware that, if the velocity of the movement is fast, similar to somebody swinging a baseball bat, you might require the 1/1000th second to capture the frozen activity.

Consider the distance between you and the photographed subject

At the point when the subject is near you, the scope of movement in the frame is much bigger than when your subject is more distant from you.

Therefore, when you are shooting a moving subject very close, the shutter speed should be higher than when you are shooting the same subject moving the same speed at a considerable distance.

Focal Length

The lens focal length that you are using and the amount of frame your subject is involving additionally influence how quick of a shutter speed you will require. A wide point lens requires to a lesser extent the shutter speed to stop movement rather than a telephoto lens.

Much the same as capturing a subject that is very close, when you zoom in with the lens or utilize a telephoto lens, the size, and movement of the subject in the frame turn out to be more affirmed.

On the off chance that you are shooting a soccer match with a wide-point lens, every player is traveling through a little space of the casing. If you zoom in or utilize a telephoto lens, you will require a fast shutter speed in the examination when you are utilizing a wide-point lens.

Walkthrough this video:



At whatever point you are confronted with a moving subject and you need to stop the movement, you can expand the shutter speed. Even though we give the recommended least shutter speed for distinctive situations on the off chance that you can utilize a fast shutter speed and remunerate the exposure with ISO or aperture, then utilize it.

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  • hey, what’s up. I was into photography before. Reading this reminded me of the good old days like the rule of thirds and the Fibonacci ratio (don’t know if I spelled it right lol). Love the article, thanks for sharing

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