Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM Review

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Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM


The high development nature of the Canon L lenses is presumably known. These lenses are constructed like a tank. You have more than one-half a kilo of glass holding tight your camera on the off chance that you utilize this standard lens. That is four times heavier than the little Canon 50 mm1.8 lens, and it is currently accessible for about $1600. You expect a brilliant lens and an air pocket front lens that reaches out far to the front, yet the converse is genuine: the front lens lies covered up in the lens body.

The USM AF-engine of the Canon lens is quick and quiet and can whenever to be overruled by manually focusing with the aid of the focus ring on the front of this lens. That is here and there convenient, for instance, where the purpose of the center, at the base left, lies outside the span of the AF sensors. Moreover, at F1.2, focal depth is quite little. Regardless of the possibility that you believe that you have gone to the same point twice, there are obvious contrasts, now and again, in practice shots. On the off chance that you need to concentrate decisively on the right point, then “Live view” (and the utilization of a tripod) is the best technique.

The Canon 50 mm 1.2L USM is climate safe, not water-resistant, and accompanies a soft cover and an expansive, round and hollow sun hood.

Product Photos:

Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM Specifications

General SpecificationCanon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM
Focal Length50mm
Camera Mount TypeCanon EF
Format Comitability35mm full frame
Angle of View46°
Minimum Focus Distance0.45 m (17.72″)
Actual Weight19.2 oz./545g
Aperture Range-Wide/ Long f/1.2-16
Focus Ring Rotation152°
Lens Hood Included?YES / ES-78
Image StabilizationNo image stabilization features for this lens
Case Included?YES / LP1214
Year Introduced?2006

Technical Specifications


You do not purchase this lens just for its sharp pictures. You purchase it for a wonderful bokeh and a marvelous character at full opening. Indeed, even along these lines, the sharpness is now high at F1.2. At the full opening, the picture, both in the corners and on the inside, is delicate. The most astounding focus sharpness is come to at F4 and the most astounding corner sharpness, at F5.6. It’s discernible that the sharpness of the edges changes little from the sharpness in the external corners.

The Canon 50 mm 1.2L USM has a round molded aperture and eight aperture lamellae for superb “bokeh” or what we call background blur.

Chromatic Aberration:

Sidelong chromatic aberration, meaning blue and red edges at sharp differences moved toward the sides of the picture, is noticeably present in the RAW documents. On the off chance that you utilize the lens adjustments of the camera, this type of chromatic deviation is missing from the jpg-type records.

Longitudinal chromatic aberration, bokeh or sp hero chromatism are different understandings of the same anomaly that show up with for every single bright lens: green edges at sharp differentiation move behind the point of convergence and pinkish edges at sharp difference move in front.

While you just see chromatic variation toward the edges of the picture, the bokeh shows up over the whole picture. It is additionally harder to rectify with programming. The Canon 50 mm 1.2L USM has noticeable inconvenience from this anomaly. It will not generally be observable, and it is an exceptional instrument for ensuring that you have focused well. Since this lens has so minimal focal depth at the maximum opening, the area without green or fuchsia bokeh is extremely constrained.

Shading or ”Vignetting”:

Specifically, at full opening, shading or vignetting is unmistakable, however, to be completely forthright I had not expected anything distinctive. At opening F2, there is just a half stop of vignetting left, so you can expect that in by far most cases, that is not visible. Also, the lens revisions cut the measure of vignetting down the middle at F1.2, yet even after adjustment, there is still visible vignetting left. This is obviously easy to redress with programming if that is required.


With 1% barrel-formed distortion, this lens lands in the center among the 50 mm lenses. It is obvious, however, this lens will infrequently be utilized as a part of uses where it will be aggravating.

Buy this lens for:

There is no uncertainty that the Canon 50mm 1.2 L USM is Canon’s best 50mm lens and a phenomenal entertainer by all standards. The quick aperture is perfect for work in low light, where the center is quick and positive.

As a lens for portraits, the quick aperture is fit for subject separation by means of its little profundity of a field and its capacity to toss foundations out of core interest. The nature of the bokeh (background blur) is smooth and satisfying.

On the off chance that you are an energetic enthusiast of the 50mm central length and you require a definitive low light ability or slender depth of field that just F1.2 aperture can provide you with, then you will most likely love this Canon lens.

The lens will be acquired by the individuals who need the best picture quality they can get from F1.2 up to F2, by those requiring minimal measure of lens flare in their outcomes, by those requiring a more satisfying background blur quality than the other two lenses from Canon convey, or by the individuals who need/wish for the best quality lens they can get.

Don’t Buy this lens if:

Honestly, however, you cannot utilize this lens at its fastest aperture constantly. Creatures, exercises, autos, anything moving and you will have a really decent plausibility that they will be out of core interest.


This lens is costly. It is a lens that you need to put genuine thought into choosing whether it is a good fit for you. This is made significantly more troublesome by the way that there are two different variants of the 50mm central length to look over.

In any case, there is a motivation behind why it costs a bit more. It is an expert evaluation bit of hardware from Canon. This is a lens that you will purchase and own for whatever is left of your photography career (or left of your life, on the off chance that you do not decide to sell it).

One More Thing.

At the point when purchasing this lens you are really acquiring a piece of mind. Genuine feelings of serenity that your pictures will turn out as sharp as could be allowed regardless of what aperture you utilize. Peace of mind that you must not purchase a new one in the event that it begins showering while outside. And a piece of mind that it is not going to break on you for reasons unknown.

What is more, to wrap things up, peace of mind that you are getting the best 50mm lens that Canon’s specialists can make.


Walk through the below video to see the sample photos of the lens.

You Can Get The Lens From My Recommended Retailer: Amazon

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  • I’ve been toying with this idea of buying this lens for a while now, but the cost is holding me back. I understand its quality, and I have never found fault with any of my Canon lenses, which means my current 50mm does not need replacing so I can’t really justify. It would be nice to see some examples of photos taken using this lens as a comparison to what I already have, can you point me in the right direction to find some?

    • Shelly check out this page “Canon Lenses“, you will find all Canon Lenses reviewed with photo samples so I think this will make it easy for you to compare between lenses, thanks for your input.

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