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Self-pictures are extreme for various reasons; you cannot see yourself know what you look like until some time later. Setup can be additional tedious because of the running forward and backward setting clocks. The focus is troublesome on the grounds that again you cannot see where that focus point is and on the off chance that you are utilizing a clock mode there is a chance you were not in the frame at the moment when the camera discovered something to concentrate on.

So what can you do? Here are a few thoughts (attempted and tried) to build your chances for that self-portrait photography to look like what you have imagined in your mind (or near it).



Tripod– About any tripod will do as such I will not go into further details, yet the tripod is fundamental as it gives an adaptable yet strong mount for the camera.

Check Here my review for the best digital camera tripod.

Remote– on the off chance that you are utilizing a Canon camera there are remotes accessible for the less costly DSLR’s which cost around $20. These things are a continuous saver and make it simpler to adjust your self-picture without looking all damp with sweat by photograph number 20.

You can get the remote from here

Shoot fastened– most advanced cameras have a little video if not an HD video out. This is the place the remote comes in extraordinary; you can tweak the organization by viewing that little screen, without running forward and backward. In the event that you have a more up to date DSLR with an HD out then, you could attach your portable workstation or HD screen.


Lighting– a solitary flash can do miracles for the self-photography. I will not go into any lighting points of interest, however, photography is about catching the light. You do not have to purchase a flash. You can get a little yet capable work light from a local store, for about $15.


Self-portrait photography tips

1) Try to shoot close up and wide edge sees that incorporate you. Close-ups are extraordinary however shooting a wide-edge perspective lets everybody see where you were and the point at which you took your photo. On the off chance that your area is lovely—demonstrate it off!

2) Be mindful of your experience. Much the same as when you’re shooting a picture of another person, you don’t need a tree or phone post becoming out of the back of your head!

3) If you do not own a tripod, utilize a solid surface to put your camera, for example, a table or other tough article. The exact opposite thing you need to do is have the camera tumble to the ground due to the fact that it was problematically adjusted on something not intended to hold it.


Recommended Lenses For Self-Portrait Photography

Here are some lens choices that will surely help you start learning and developing your self-portrait photography skills:

1) The Canon EF, 50mm, f/1.8 II

For approximately $100 bucks, the lens is fit for taking some astonishing pictures. When you shoot at f/1.8, the lens catches those great blurred foundations behind your subject. This is really something worth being thankful for in picture photography. A gentler representation shrouds imperfections and gives the picture an exceptionally normal look.

2. Sigma, 50mm, f/1.4, DG HSM Art 

The Sigma, 50mm, 1.4, DG HSM has been updated and re-engineered to set another standard for their Art line. With an extensive 1.4 aperture, the prime lens is an expert-level entertainer for shooting everything including portraits, scene photography, street photography, and studio photography.

Generally speaking, the Sigma, 50mm, f/1.4 Art has a decent adjustment of optical execution, components, and cost as I would like to think. The main genuine disservice that I can consider is its substantial weight and size, yet in the meantime, I additionally comprehend that it would not be conceivable to create such a lens without every one of the components that right such a large number of optical variations, adding to the mass and weight.

Walkthrough the below video:

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Thanks for reading, If you have any questions just post below and I will be happy to answer you.

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  • Photographic portrait, as in the painting is an image showing the external appearance of a person and, in some cases, the characteristics of her personality. The most common methods are to show the same head, bust, representation torso and finally the entire form. But there is no strict guidelines on what can be called a portrait, and really the portrait may include virtually every photo showing one or more persons. In addition, the portrait does not have to be a photograph pose, and sometimes photographing form during normal activities can reveal its qualities better than a carefully designed image.

  • Hey ehab,
    Very helpful tips, I’m not a photographer but I do like taking photos and I actually own a DSLR camera. Sadly though, I only know how to take photos on auto and they all usually don;t look as nice.

    I have a question though, how come my photos get blurry when someone moves? How do I capture while people are moving?

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