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Lightroom presets

Almost all professional photographers use Adobe Lightroom for editing their photos. This program makes it much faster and simpler to apply different looks and styles, in this article I’ll discuss the concept of presets and where you can get the best Lightroom presets. You may also check the current pricing plan of Lightroom.

What are Lightroom presets?

Lightroom - develop module

When you are using Adobe Lightroom to edit and enhance your images, you are obviously familiar with the Develop module. In this module, you can make an almost infinite level of adjustment to variables including exposure, contrast, color, and many others. It’s then possible to save these settings as a preset for later use. These saved settings are known as Presets. When you save your settings, a file with the extension .lrtemplate is created and this is known as a “preset file”.

These settings can be applied to another photo and even to any number of photos with only one mouse click. The process of creating your own “look” and style of your photos is by nature a slow learning process and needs lots of practice. To speed up your learning, you can use a professionally made preset, download them, and use them on your own photos.

Many presets are commonly named according to the gender of photography they are made for. The following images show the effect of applying a ready-made preset.


The best presets available in the market

If you are more of a casual portrait photographer or simply don’t want to invest in a quality set of Lightroom presets, then you might try finding some free ones online. The following list contains some free presets.

Free presets

  • Starter presets

This Lightroom bundle is made especially for people who are just getting started with Adobe Lightroom. This is a collection of 30 free presets such as grainy presets, black & white presets, desaturated portraits, color corrections among others.  They have also recently added 10 brushes in it as well.

Sleeklens – The starter pack

  • Portrait

The following presets were specifically designed with portraits in mind. Whether you’re a professional portrait photographer or a casual street photographer, these presets might come in handy.

Pop Portrait

Photonfiy- portrait preset

Photonify- Pro portrait

Fix the photo Free Lightroom presets for portraits collection (10 presets)

Creativetacos– 50 Free Portrait Effects

  • Travel & Landscape

These presets are perfect for any photographer who loves traveling and shooting landscapes. Some can help solve specific issues, like dull landscape colors, while others give a specific vibe to your photos.

Loaded Landscape– free autumn landscape

Loaded Landscape– free vibrant landscape presets

Presetpro – dawning preset

Loaded Landscape – dreamscape

Photonify – landscape preset

  • Black & white

Despite the lack of color, black and white photography has a wide range of possibilities. Monochromatic photos can have a modern or vintage look, a melancholy or bright atmosphere. Whatever vibe you’re aiming for, these presets can help you get there.

Exposure Empire – best black & white

Exposure school – Sharp black and white

Preset kingdom – High Contrast Black & White

PhotoPlanet Free Black and White Lightroom Preset

PhotoPlanet – Vintage Mono Lightroom

  • Matte/Film

The following are free presets that give you that classic look of film photography with your digital camera.

PhotoPlanet – Elegant Fade Lightroom Preset

PhotoPlanet – Film-Inspired Lightroom Preset

Exposure Empire – deep matte

Photonify – matte preset

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)

If you love the look of HDR photos, then these presets are for you. They cover a range of photography genres, so you can try a little of everything.

Preset kingdomVibrant Colors HDR Lightroom Preset

Loaded landscape – Autumn color boost

Exposure school – Realistic HDR

Photoplanet – HDR Lightroom Preset

Loaded landscape – cinematic HDR

  • Presets bundles

The preset bundles include a group of presets that are made for different photography types.

Photonify Free Lightroom Presets




Presets heaven

preset heaven

Fix the photo

fix the photo

Paid presets



The Complete Sleeklens LR Collection is for those who want to go from newbie to professional in an instant because apart from the collection of presets and brushes being as wide as it, the presets are also very easy to use. No matter your skill level, this Complete Sleeklens LR Collection stands out as the clear choice for you.

101 Lightroom presets pack

101 presets

This pack includes 7 high-quality collections – so you can get the perfect edit for every photo, and find what you need quickly and easily:

  • Plush Portraits – bring the “wow” factor to your portraits while preserving natural skin tones
  • Lively Landscapes – add vibrancy to your lush landscape images
  • Street Grit & Grunge – give your photos a unique and cutting-edge look
  • Bangin’ Black & White – for images with classic charm, romance, and soul
  • Sleek Sepia – stylize with a cross-toned black and white edit
  • Classic Vintage – step back in time and relive the good old days
  • Quick Adjustments – quick and easy fine-tuning to simplify your editing process

While other preset bundles set you back upwards of $100, this pack can be yours for just USD $50!

101 landscape preset pack

With our mega pack of 101 Landscape Lightroom presets, enhancing your landscape shots is a breeze. In this massive preset back you’ll get:

  • 6 high-quality preset collections
  • Save time getting your landscapes looking just right
  • Streamline your workflow
  • Use the presets the professionals use to create stunning images
  • Give your photos an instant “pop”’
  • BONUS Tool Box: 29 presets designed to be stackable for making simple adjustments.

101 portrait preset pack

Photographer Rachel Devine has developed a Lightroom editing system dedicated to the task of optimizing portrait shots. Rachel’s Lightroom Portrait Presets pack will give you countless image-enhancing options to make your portraits say exactly what you want them to. Ideal for professionals and amateur enthusiasts alike, they deliver professional results in an instant.

  • With this pack you’ll be able to:
  • Save time getting your portraits looking just right
  • Streamline your workflow
  • Use the presets the professionals use to create stunning images
  • Give your photos an instant “pop”
  • Take advantage of 67 different presets and 36 different portrait brushes for touching up images.

The Ultimate Photography Bundle is a comprehensive suite of resources for Lightroom and Photoshop. You’ll get 1,000+ Lightroom presets, 1,000+ Photoshop actions, and 500+ actions for Photoshop Elements to apply a huge variety of different effects to your photos in no time. You’ll also get a massive collection of 1,000+ photo overlays for all different purposes, 130+ print templates, 120+ digital frames, and a valuable collection of business and marketing resources (including contract templates).



Photonify Ultimate Bundle! is the most premium bundle available and the cheapest way to get access to all our products for photographers – take your photography to the next level. The products in this collection would cost $1,589.47 if purchased separately, get everything for $99!


How to install a preset?

For Windows:

  • Download the preset file, unzip, and copy it ( the preset file has an extension of name .lrpreset)
  • Open picture folder
  • Open Lightroom folder
  • Open Lightroom settings folder
  • Open develop presets folder
  • Open user presets folder
  • Past the copy file.
  • Run Lightroom, in the develop module, the new preset file will appear in the preset menu (left side).

Or you can do it in another way:

  • Download and unzip the preset file
  • Run Lightroom
  • Go to the develop module
  • At the left of the screen, the installed preset files are shown, right-click and create a new folder
  • Import the preset file into Lightroom

Are you looking for Photo editing resources or editing Services?

Some photographers are struggling to learn and master editing software like Lightroom or Photoshop, they found the editing process is taking too much of their time. Therefore, assigning the editing tasks to an editing service may be the answer.

On the other hand, some others are looking for editing resources like actions, overlays, and textures to help them. For those I highly recommend paying a visit to my store, it has amazing professional photo editing tools.

In addition, you can check my editing tutorials, there are many tips and tutorials there. 


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