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On the off chance that a Canon digital camera is on your shopping run down this season, you’ll likewise require the memory card that will useful to store photographs on. While a few cameras accompany a little starter card, most of them don’t. In either case, you’ll need to put resources into a decent card with space for your photos.

Costs for memory cards can run from $5 up to much more. In any case, how would you be able to tell which is the memory card that could meet your requirements? Here are the imperative things to remember when purchasing Canon camera memory cards.

Which type of SD?

Generally, SDHC cards have supplanted SD memory cards. Both cards utilize the same structure variable (24 by 32mm); however SDHC cards highlight bigger limits and higher information exchange speed (SDHC cards range from 4GB to 32GB, where more seasoned SD cards have approximately 2GB)
Almost all cameras compatible with SD memory cards sold today use both SD and SDHC cards, so either will work. Where this could turn into an issue is whether you have an old camera that was made before the SDHC standard was embraced. The simplest approach to check this is to read your camera’s characteristics, either online or in your proprietor’s manual.

Simply ensure you don’t accidentally buy a microSD card, which is smaller and isn’t tradeable with SD memory cards.

Then, all you have to do is to decide which type of memory card you require and make sure it is compatible with your Canon camera. Here are some suggestions that can make your search easier and will surely fit perfectly with your camera.

1. Lexar Professional 1066x Speed 160MB, Compact-flash Memory Card – 32 GB

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The Compact Flash Memory Card from Lexar highlights a 32GB storage limit ideal for putting away huge records including top-notch photographs, 1080p Full-HD, 4K, 3D, and video.

With a 1066x speed rate, this card is equipped for accomplishing information read rates of 160 MB per second and information write speeds of 155 MB/s, permitting you to exchange your records by means of the card-to-PC exchange system through a UDMA 7-empowered card reader (sold independently).

Notwithstanding improved information exchange rates, this Compact-flash card underpins the Video Performance Guarantee determination. With a VPG of 65 MB per second, you can rest guaranteed this card will catch video streams at the very least rate of 65 MB per second for compatible host gadgets and recording media. You likewise profit by Lexar Image Rescue Software intended to ensure your information on the occasion the card becomes corrupted or the information is accidentally erased.

You can get the memory card from here

2. SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB CompactFlash Memory Card UDMA 7 Speed Up To 160MB/s- SDCFXPS-128G-X46

SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB CompactFlash Memory Card

It is designed to meet the rigorous requirements of professional photographers and videographers, the SanDisk Extreme PRO CompactFlash Card delivers the sustained write speeds to capture cinema-quality 4K Ultra HD and Full HD video (3). From a global leader in flash memory storage solutions, this card also features Video Performance Guarantee-65 (VPG-65) (2), which ensures smooth video capture. Additionally, write speeds of up to 150MB/s (1) allow photographers to shoot in continuous burst-mode, capturing multiple frames per second without lag time and a storage capacity of 128GB (4) means professionals can keep shooting videos and photos without stopping to change cards.

SanDisk products are constructed to the highest standards and rigorously tested. You can be confident in the outstanding quality, performance, and reliability of every SanDisk product.

You can get the memory card from here.

3. SanDisk PRO 128GB SDXC Memory Card (SDSDXPA-128G-G46)

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The Extreme Pro Memory Card gives videographers and photographers a fast SDXC memory card evaluated Ultra High-Speed Class 3 and SDXC Class 10, presenting to 95 MB per second read and 90 MB per second write speeds. This high-limit card is particularly built for managed RAW + JPEG shooting modes and quick activity Full HD video recording.
A propelled Error Correction Code motor offers better card reliability and data integrity and quality read and write.

This memory card accompanies downloadable RescuePRO information recuperation programming. This product offers you some assistance with restoring coincidentally erased pictures. The card is upheld by a guarantee.

You can get the memory card from here.

4. Transcend Premium microSDHC Class 10 UHS-I Memory Card black 32GB

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The MicroSDHC Memory Card with microSD Adapter from Transcend highlights the greatest read and write rates of 45 MB per second and 25 MB per second, separately.

It’s Ultra High-Speed Class 1 transport interface empowers it to accomplish these rates, which are far more prominent than the 10MB per second least speeds ensured by the Class 10 rating.

A microSD connector is supplied, permitting you to utilize the card in a full-measure SDXC/SDHC space. The card showcases constructed in Error Correction Code (ECC) to naturally recognize and settle exchange mistakes. It is supported by its warranty.

You can get the memory card from here.

One Final Thought

For most amateur photographers, the memory card limit ought to be the deciding component. Utilize these rules as a general guideline for picking the least card limits: If you shoot Jpeg: 2-4GB If you mainly shoot Raw mode: 4-8GB If you usually shoot Jpeg and video: 4-16GB If you shoot video and Raw: 8-32GB

Speedier cards (20-30MB for every sec) may enhance the execution of Canon DSLR cameras in burst mode, and diminish the time it takes to offload substantial documents utilizing a quick card reader. On the off chance that you shoot video with your camera, then a Class 4 card ought to cover your needs unless generally expressed by the camera maker. Obviously, it doesn’t hurt to purchase Canon camera memory cards with a quick speed rating.

Hope you enjoyed the article on Canon camera memory cards if you have any questions just post them below and I will be happy to answer you.

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  • I didn’t know there are so many different SD cards available, I am always afraid to choose the wrong one that might fit with my camera but not with my computer or tv.

    And thanks for your tips on how to choose memory card limits depending on the format you shoot with.

    Like your site with lots of helpful stuff, feel very much attracted to buy a new Canon:)

  • Thanks for this I have been unsure of which memory card to purchase for a while now and you have explained it down to a T.

    I think personally I’ll be going for the 8gb memory card after working out where I am and how I normally shoot.

    I had no idea there was this many variables to be honest so I’m glad I come across this page.

    Thanks again for helping us work this out!

  • I enjoyed reading thru your website, lord knows I need more memory cards. at my house we have cameras digital ones, everywhere. Not the ones like your are using, however our little Kodak Easyuse, Sony cybershot, and Vitar (yes really cheap) cameras does the job for use really well.
    I also especially enjoyed reading over your free photography class pages as well. A lot of great and useful information you have provided. Even though I do not have my dream camera as of yet, I did learn a few things from your site, and I really appreciate that.
    Now you probably wondering what my dream camera is or would be…I want something like the Nikon D7100 Dual Lens Wi-Fi camera, with all the whistles and bells. I have always wanted a nice expensive camera. Maybe one day.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge of photography with me and with the world.

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