Best Tripods of 2020

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best tripods in 2020

When shopping for a camera you’ll inevitably have to spend time considering a tripod as well. Offering stability for low light environments and eliminating motion blur due to handshake, tripods have been around almost as long as cameras have.

Thanks to over 100 years of refinement, 2020 has some fantastic models available for photographers of all budgets and skill levels! Here are the best tripods of 2020 for your consideration!

Sirui NT-1005X/E-10

best tripods in 2020

The Sirui Nt-1005X/E-10 was designed to provide heavy lifting capacity in as compact a form as possible. When fully collapsed the unit is only 36 cm long, perfect for travel photography or an airplane carry-on.

Using the center column photographers can reverse its orientation for ground-level photography or even separate the legs for an instant monopod. Thanks to the Arca-Swiss compatible release plate nearly any standard DSLR or mirrorless model can fit on this unit. As a panoramic head, it’s capable of full 360-degree rotation for flexible viewing. 

With a weight limit of nearly 8 kg, even full-frame-sized rigs can be balanced without fear. However, if your rig is front-heavy (such as when using a telephoto lens) the central pillar includes a hook for a stabilizer.


  • Weight: 1440 g
  • Min/Max Height: 35.6-139.7 cm (14-55 inches)
  • Material Construction: Aluminum
  • Price: Check On Amazon 

3 Legged Thing Leo 2.0 + AirHead Pro Lever

best tripods in 2020

The brilliance of the 3 Legged Thing lineup is in their weight, construction, and load capacity. Thanks to their durable carbon fiber build they can comfortably hold camera rigs up to 30 kg in weight.

As the smallest of the brand’s Equinox lineup, the Leo 2.0 is meant to be a lightweight option that includes all of the flexibility of 3 Legged Thing. For example, all three of the legs are detachable and the center column can also be taken apart. 

This allows you to attach the tripod footwear to the column to create a small tabletop tripod setup. And like many other travel tripods, the Leo 2.0 can be broken down for use as a standalone monopod. One can also invert the center column for ground-level shooting (minimum height of 11.9 cm).


  • Weight: 1870 g.
  • Min/Max Height: 11.9-147 cm 14.7-57.8 inches)
  • Material Construction: Carbon Fiber
  • Price: Check On Amazon 

Vanguard Veo 2 Go 265HCBM

best tripods in 2020

Another lightweight, heavy-lifting option is the Vanguard Veo2. Like the 3-Legged Thing Leo, this model uses carbon fiber for maximum strength while avoiding too much mass.  Originally designed with flip-locking legs the Veo 2 now uses twist locks for added security. 

The Veo 2 is not only significantly lighter than the 3-Legged Thing Leo but significantly cheaper as well. You do lose out on the ground-level photography option but gain significantly more height in exchange; perfect for taller photographers.

On the other hand, it holds 10 of weight; a third of the capacity of the 3-Legged Thing Leo. The Vanguard Veo 2 is better for standard-sized interchangeable lens rigs rather than the largest full-frame and medium-format bodies and lenses.


  • Weight: 1400 g.
  • Min/Max Height: 33-166.3 cm (13-65.5 inches)
  • Material Construction: Carbon Fiber
  • Price: Check On Amazon

GEEKOTO Aluminum Tripod 

best tripods in 2020

Despite being a relatively unknown brand the GEEKTO Aluminum Tripod is both reliable and affordable.

One of the best features is the Rotatable Transverse Center Column. In addition to regular vertical angles of everything from 0 to 90 degrees, the GEEKTo can also shoot horizontally at 90-degree angles, making it particularly appealing to macro, nature & wildlife photographers.

While not as durable as carbon fiber the aluminum construction will weather most of the worst bumps and scrapes, and certainly better than plastic tripods. The rubberized feet and optimization for up to 22 lbs ensure that this tripod isn’t going anywhere once set up. And for all its heft this tripod collapses to a remarkable 41 cm when stowed away!


  • Weight: 1995 g.
  • Min/Max Height: 60.9-191 cm (24-75.2 inches)
  • Material Construction: Aluminum
  • Price: Check On Amazon 

Joby GorillaPod 5K

best tripods in 2020

Simple yet groundbreaking in creativity, the GorillaPod lineup is some of the most popular tripods of 2020. Much like the smaller GorillaPod 1K and 3K the 5K uses rubberized prehensile legs to not only stand erect like a traditional tripod but grip onto tree branches, fences, and nearly anywhere else you can think of! The legs are sturdy and lock into place even when paired with camera rigs weighing up to 5 kg. 

Also included is the BallHead 5K, a 360-degree panning head with fluid level and a 90-degree slot for the release plate. The base is also numbered for exact measurements when capturing panoramic views.

The only real downside is that the GorillaPod 5K might be too short if not attached to another fixture of the environment.


  • Weight: 739.4 g.
  • Min/Max Height: 35.6 cm (14 inches)
  • Material Construction: Plastic + Rubber
  • Price: Check On Amazon

Gitzo GT1555T Series 1 Traveler

best tripods in 2020

When cost matters less than quality and reliability the Gitzo brand is what many photographers turn to. Looking at the Gitzo GT1555T it’s clear every single element has been carefully considered for usefulness. 

The rubberized feet are compacted for space-saving without compromising on stability. And while the carbon fiber body weighs only 1 kg it can hold 11 kg of gear safely. Each leg has 5 sections for precision height adjustment using a proprietary twist-lock design.

Known as G-locks they have refined threading and tension control for ease of use and added security. Compared to many models the GT1555T has a short center column; most of the height is in the legs. 

The only real downside is the price; at twice as much as the next closest competitor, the 3 Legged Thing Leo, the Gitzo may simply be priced due to its status as a luxury tripod brand.


  • Weight: 1030 g.
  • Min/Max Height: 35.6-153 cm (14-58.5 inches)
  • Material Construction: Carbon Fiber
  • Price: Check On Amazon

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  • I can’t believe the advances of tripod tech since my last tripod purchase 40 years ago. I have used my tripod many times in the past. I’ve had about 10 SLR and DSLR cameras over the years, but since the Apple iPhone I have not used my tripod and since I do not make a living or create art photos much anymore I don’t need a new tripod, but if I did I would come to your website and purchase one.

  • Hello Ehab, photography is indeed a really beautiful thing and even as I have grown up I really have some special feeling for the act that I am willing to start learning about it all over again. However, my dad use to be a photographer until his shop was gutted by fire and he got another line of business and that was how I stopped learning anything about it. Seeing these various tripod have given me interest in it all over again. I would bookmark this article for reference sake

  • I have the need for a couple of tripods for my cameras. One for my small Olympus Tough-5 and one for my Canon 700D. I have one large tripod, but the age is beginning to show and it needs to be replaced. I had a GorillaPod before, but it has disappeared, and I need a new one. The GorillaPod is a great tripod for travel. You can use it everywhere with ease.

    The selection of tripods in your review gives me a nice selection to decide from, after review the different tripods I would go for the Vanguard Veo2. The combinations of size, functionality, and price are perfect for what I want.

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