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There are numerous reasons why you might need to trigger the camera shutter remotely, and there is a multitude of wired and wireless remote releases that can help you to do that.

Wireless remotes are especially valuable, for example, for group shots with yourself in the frame, or when it is not efficient to stand straightforwardly behind your camera at the moment of capture, like with a few kinds of nature photography.

Less expensive remotes are pretty much as suitable when you need to trigger the camera without touching the shutter button, for example, for large-scale photography where camera stableness is essential to accomplishing a sharp picture.

Wired or wireless

One distinctness that is usually made between sorts of remote controllers is whether they are wireless, or attached to the camera through a cable. All controllers except the Canon RC-6, whether wireless or wired, have a cable that attaches to the camera’s terminal.

With wired remotes the controller attaches into the terminal, giving you a working scope of around 60-80cm (augmentation cables are accessible to help the reach).

Wireless remotes have a separate receiver and transmitter units, and the receiver connects to the camera’s remote control terminal through its own cable.

It’s valuable to have the capacity to gently use the shutter button on a remote controller to empower the camera to accomplish self-adjust and light metering, and after that completely squeeze it when you need to take your shot, just like with the shutter button.

Now that we know all that, here are some of our favorite canon remote shutters:

1.AmazonBasics Wireless Remote Shutter for Canon


[usr 4.3]

10-foot range Wireless remote for ultimate convenience Slim, sleek build Comes with battery and carrying case Compatible with Canon Ti/XT, Xti, Mark II, 7D, 70D


Here is a thin, wireless remote from Cannon that is perfectly compatible with some of its select advanced SLR cameras.

This remote is very proficient and effectively triggers the shutter without bringing on any movement of the camera. This can be an incredible added device to your photo collection in the event that you regularly take portraits, photos of subjects that are hard to approach, or when you’re just attempting to minimize camera vibration.

Its slim size also makes it quite easy to put in any camera bag you may have. With this remote from Cannon, you finally have the flexibility and control to take any pictures at your convenience.

It accompanies a battery and an exquisite velvet conveying pocket to keep it safe and effortlessly carry it everywhere.

It’s thin size additionally makes it entirely simple to put in any camera sack you may have. With this remote from Cannon, you at long last have the adaptability and control to take any photo whenever it might suit you.


There is a range on the gadget; stretching out for about 10 feet. This is not as vying a distance as other different wireless remotes, however, it may be enough.

You can get the remote from here

2.Canon RC-6 for Canon XT/XTi, XSi, T1i and T2i


[usr 4.5]

Remote shutte release

Wireless design for Canon cameras Immediate or 2-second delay option Works with the bulb mode Range of approximately 16 feet in front of the camera.


The Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote is a little infrared wireless remote shutter release for DSLRs.

Measuring just .25″ x 1.25 x 2.5″ or 6.5 x 32 x 63.5mm, the Canon Wireless Remote is unimaginably lightweight and reduced in configuration, which makes it incredible for tackling the go.

Not at all like the Canon RC-5 Wireless Remote, the RC-6 can work in either two-second defer mode or instantly take a shot.

The Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote runs on one lithium button battery (incorporated) that appears to keep going forever (however unquestionably have an extra available). The Canon RC6 Wireless Remote is an extremely valuable gadget – and having no cables is incredible. It is small to the point that you can even put it on your key ring.

Since it is so light, a few individuals dishonestly expect that it would be inexpensively developed, however, this is just not the situation. It’s very solid, truth be told.

The Canon remote comes complete with a pleasant small conveying case to keep it safe.

In case you are hoping not to spend a lot of cash, and you need a quality remote for additional comfort for your photo sessions, then this model might just be a good fit for you.

Moreover, this is an amazingly affordable remote shutter, for under $20.


The main bother I’ve experienced with the item is the restricted angle of operation. You must be before the camera to trigger it with the gadget. At the point when shooting broad scenes this can be an issue.

Also, I would firmly specify joining its modest case to your camera strap so that you will not lose it.

You can get the remote from here

3. Pixel Pro Digital Camera


[usr 4]

This is a top-quality wireless remote control compatible with Canon cameras. You can use it on different brands simply with a new connection cable. The product surface is processed with a high-quality satin finish. Built-in FSK 2.4 GHz wireless control system Maximum operation range is approximately 100M. It uses AAA battery, and battery life with the standard battery is up to 400 hr.


The exceptionally affordable remote unit works efficiently to trigger the camera. The unit will work at least to 50m and has been connected for one, various and bulb capturing.

The guideline wound up of the photo sort and not hard to comprehend. Thus, it is very easy to learn how to use it.

The bulb capacity is anything but difficult to utilize, one press to open the screen and it stays open until you press once more. A little LED lights up to let you know that the shutter is opened.

The small and lightweight unit consumes up the little room even in a confined camera pack.


The principal issue is that the shutter release button is not flush with the remote or recessed, but rather really sticks up from the surface of the remote 1-2mm and it is a very sensitive button. To a lesser degree, the same issue applies to the transmitter.

You can get the remote from here

4.SMDV RFN-4 Wireless Remote Shutter Release Cable for Canon


[usr 5]

SMDV RFN-4 Wireless Remote Shutter Release Cable for Canon

This minimal remote works dependably for up to 260 feet away in the 2.4 GHz radio extent in most climate conditions.

The marker light keeps you mindful of the off chance that you have gone out of reach.

The trigger is intended to fit in the hand and accompanies a defensive spread to evade unintentional shots, making this thing an unquestionable asset for picture-takers!

The framework creates a coded radio signal that functions inside, outside, around the corners, and even through walls.

A great and solid configuration makes this Wireless Shutter Release Kit emerge amongst other more average units.


It is all plastic development, and the battery entryway on the receiver appears a bit delicate. Notwithstanding, it’s a well-fabricated wireless remote.

You can get the remote from here[popup_anything id=”9316″]

5. Neewer Wireless RC-6 Shutter Release Remote Control for Canon


[usr 5]

This remote control goes about as a wireless shutter release able to do right away setting off the shade without moving the camera.

It can trigger the camera shutter remotely, meaning from a distance. The suitable camera has an implicit infrared receiver for the gadget.

It is perfect for taking pictures of subjects that are hard to approach or to minimize vibration for close-up shots.

Additionally, it showcases a minimized and versatile design.


You can’t remain behind the camera unless you are utilizing your hand to point the remote at the camera.

This remote is for any individual who simply needs to take a long exposure photo with the camera on a tripod so you do not shake the camera by pushing the shutter button.

You can get the remote from here

How is a “Canon Wireless Remote Shutter Release” Useful to You?

Since we realize what a Canon camera remote is and what decisions we have when procuring one, let us figure out what it can accomplish for us.

The primary motivation to purchase one is to forestall “camera shake” while shooting a subject under high amplification, or when utilizing moderate shutter speeds.

Furthermore, a wireless Canon remote shutter release is convenient on the off chance that you need to enter in the photo. It is extremely hard to “press” the shutter release button on your camera without “bumping” the camera. A great many people simply aren’t that sensitive to their touch.


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  • Hi again Ehab. Been looking around the rest of your site and had to leave another quick comment. Wireless remotes are a great idea and it’s good to see all the different models together with all the pro and cons spelled out. I like the idea of wireless as wires can be a hazard if you are set up in an area with a lot of other people around.

  • Thank you for providing this great information. This is an excellent starting point for someone involved in or interested in photography. My stepdaughter seems to be interested and we are looking for options for her. I will bookmark your site so we can make informed decisions in purchases going forward.

    • Thanks IIyssa for passing by my website, glad that you find the article informative, wish all the best to your stepdaughter with her photography journey.

  • Wow, these are awesome. Last time I was shooting a video by myself, it was uncomfortable to control my Canon at all.

    I have read through your recommendations but none of the really stands out from the rest. I’d like to know what would you recommend to us as the best remote shutter?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Anh, Thanks for commenting here, First I should know your camera model before giving recommendation so I can know the remote which will fit with your camera model, for me I prefer this one SMDV RFN-4.

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