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SIURI 150mm

SIRUI has launched 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm focal length anamorphic lenses before. This 150mm anamorphic lens, which is announced by SIRUI nowadays, is the last lens of the Venus 1.6x full frame anamorphic lineup. If you are looking for budget-friendly full-frame anamorphic lenses, this series would be a good choice.

Why Choose SIRUI 150mm Full Frame Anamorphic Lens?

There are two words that you rarely see together, especially on an affordable lens and that is full frame and anamorphic. In addition, The 150mm has a shallower depth of field, smoother blurred backgrounds, and more elongated oval bokeh than the other lenses, which separates the subject from the background. And this 150mm lens, with a minimum focus distance of 0.58m, is suitable for close-ups. And other advantages will be listed as follows. The following sections will show the features and advantages of the new lenses in detail.

SIURI 150mm

Consistent in the Set

Compared with other lenses in this set, this 150mm T2.9 1.6x full frame anamorphic lens is larger in size but is still designed with the same specifications as the kit lenses. All the lenses are designed with identical gear positions and uniform 82mm filter thread, which helps users fast swap from one lens to another without using any other accessories to change focal length. Besides, the filter can be used at any lens in this set.

SIURI 150mm

To keep consistent across the whole set, these lenses are all designed with full frame, matched color tone, consistent lens flares, controlled aberration, etc. Therefore,  changing focal lengths during shooting is not abrupt.

Squeeze Factor

In terms of anamorphic, there are several different popular squeeze factors including 1.33x which is what SIRUI used on their older lenses and this 150mm full frame lens is 1.6x, which is really nice and can do several things for us.

With the 1.6x squeeze horizontally, when shooting 3:2, this lens offers a 2.4:1 aspect ratio, which is favored by professional cinematographers, and photographic teams. And you will get a wider 2.8:1 aspect ratio when using this lens on a 16:9 sensor. It helps separate the subject from the background and at the same time contains more details. Thus, the images will look more cinematic.

SIURI 150mm

A telephoto lens with 0.58m Minimum Focus Distance

This 150mm telephoto lens performs well optically with low distortion, which helps capture images naturally. Equivalent to a 94mm horizontally, it is suitable for portrait and still life shooting. Thanks to its small angle of view, it is convenient for users to shoot even when they are not able to walk close to the subject.

SIURI 150mm

Meanwhile, the 150mm lens breaks through the limitation of other telephoto anamorphic lenses. With a 0.58m minimum focus distance, it can be used for close-ups shooting. The 150mm lens also has a shallower depth of field, smoother blurred backgrounds, more excellent foreground separation, and more elongated oval bokeh than the other lenses. Thus the subject is separated from the background.

SIURI 150mm

SIURI 150mm

Image Quality

In terms of image quality, this lens is sharp without being clinically sharp. The chromatic aberration and focus breathing are very well controlled as well. In addition, if you hit the lens with a light, cinematic blue lens flares will be created, making the whole image much more colorful and cinematic.SIURI 150mm

SIURI 150mm

Beautiful Oval Bokeh

This lens, with a squeeze factor of 1.6 times, produces a widescreen aspect ratio, lens flares, and oval bokeh that only anamorphic lens creates, making the footage attractive. Throw anything out of focus in your shot and you’re going to get some really really pretty stretch backgrounds.

SIURI 150mm

Lens Flares

Next up, we’re going to talk about a big one for anamorphic and that is flares. We can take a look at some footage in nature with a hard source in front of the lens. And then, there are some incredible flares. You can clearly see flares are very blue and saturated. The classic blue lens flares stand out for adding a Sci-Fi ambiance to your shots without being too aggressive.

SIURI 150mm

Four Native Mounts

Like other anamorphic lenses of this lineup, this 150mm lens is available in four mounts: Sony E, Canon RF, Nikon Z, and Panasonic L. It works perfectly on professional cameras and popular FF mirrorless cameras. In this market, it can be argued that Sirui’s Venus has the most comprehensive range of focal lengths and offer the most budget-friendly set.

SIURI 150mm

2x Constant Squeeze

You can screw the SIRUI 1.25x adapter onto the 1.6x anamorphic to achieve a 2x squeeze. The widescreen images can be cropped to different aspect ratios depending on your needs. With this 1.25x adapter added to lenses in this set, you can create wider and more cinematic images. The SIRUI Venus 1.6x anamorphic lens with a 1.25x adapter is the most compact and cost-effective 2x solution available. If you are interested in it, why not have a try?

SIURI 150mm

Other parameters about the Venus 150mm Full Frame Anamorphic Lens

Parameters SIRUI 150mm T2.9 1.6x
Focal Length 150mm
Frame Full Frame
Anamorphic Squeeze Ratio 1.6x
Max Aperture T2.9
Minimum Focus Distance 0.58
Front Diameter 88mm
Diameter of the Filter 82mm
Length About 178mm/7.01inch
Weight About 1385g/3.05lb



This SIRUI 1.6x Full Frame Anamorphic Lens, which further complements their 1.6x Venus full-frame anamorphic lineup is not only a lens with high image quality but also with an affordable price. This lens matches well with the 1.6x lineup in terms of color tone, lens flare style, gear position, etc., and together they make a versatile set that can be used to tell a complete cinematic story. The extra reach allows you to frame the subject properly without having to stand very close to it. Besides, equivalent to a 94mm horizontally, it is considered a great choice for portraits, emotional expression, still life, distant subjects, etc. If you need one affordable anamorphic lens to create high-end productions, you can’t miss this one.

SIURI 150mm

The lens will be launched on SIRUI’s official website on July 31st. Both the single lens and the kits with 150mm lens will be available for early bird price one month after the release. Check out the website for more information:

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  • I stumbled upon your article about the SIRUI 150mm Full Frame Anamorphic Lens, and I’m genuinely fascinated by the possibilities it offers. The concept of a budget-friendly anamorphic lens with full-frame capabilities is truly exciting, especially considering its potential for creating that sought-after subject-background separation. I’m particularly intrigued by the lens’s consistent design across the set, the multiple native mounts, and the versatile aspect ratios achieved through the squeeze factor. However, I’d love to know more about how the lens performs in challenging lighting conditions, as I often work in various environments. Any insights would greatly assist me in making an informed decision about incorporating the SIRUI 150mm lens into my filmmaking toolkit.

    • Thanks for reaching out! I’m glad you’re interested in the SIRUI 150mm Full Frame Anamorphic Lens. It’s a great lens with a lot to offer filmmakers, especially those on a budget.

      As you mentioned, the lens’s consistent design across the set is a big plus. This means that you can use the same lens for all of your anamorphic shots, regardless of the camera you’re using. This is a huge time-saver and makes it easier to achieve a consistent look in your films.

      You asked about how the lens performs in challenging lighting conditions. I’ve found that the lens performs well in most lighting conditions. However, it can struggle in very low-light situations. This is to be expected with an anamorphic lens, as they tend to be more susceptible to flaring and ghosting in low light.

      Overall, I think the SIRUI 150mm Full Frame Anamorphic Lens is a great lens for filmmakers on a budget. It offers a lot of features and performance for the price. If you’re looking for an anamorphic lens that can help you create beautiful, cinematic images, I would definitely recommend this lens.

  • I appreciate this information on the SIRUI 1.6x Full Frame Anamorphic Lens because I have a few family members and friends who are devoted to photography and I look forward to sharing this information with them. They will appreciate the high image quality of the lens as well as the affordable price. It is also good to know that it works well in a variety of settings distant objects, still lifes, and portraits. Very valuable information to share.

    • I’m glad you found the information valuable! Sharing this with your photography-loving family and friends is a great idea. They’ll likely appreciate the lens’s high image quality, affordability, and versatility across different settings, from distant objects to still lifes and portraits. It’s an excellent piece of knowledge to pass along.

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