What Is The Best Underwater Fishing Camera?

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What Is The Best Underwater Fishing Camera

Underwater cameras are a great item to have in any tacklebox! They provide you with a fish’s eye view of the arena you’re hoping to land a strike. You can know in advance what the terrain is like, whether there are fish already present, and even record the moment of impact when a fish bites! So what is the best underwater fishing camera? Let’s take a look at the top 5 models for 2021!

The 5 Best Underwater Fishing Cameras

  1. Eyoyo Portable 9-inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder
  2. Anysun 360-Degree Underwater Fishing Camera
  3. Eyoyo Portable 7-inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder
  4. Spydro Underwater Fishing Camera
  5. PowerVision Wizard Underwater Drone

Let’s talk about each one in depth.

1) Eyoyo Portable 9-inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder

What Is The Best Underwater Fishing Camera

This is a top contender for the best underwater camera for fishing. Firstly, the monitor resolution is a very impressive 1000 TV Lines (TVL); 25% more resolution than the more typical 6-800 TVL displays that lower end fish finders have.

Also, the camera itself is cleverly modeled to mimic a fish. Torpedo shaped and bright silver, it acts as a lure as much as a camera, inviting fish to investigate and give you a clearer picture.

12 IR (infrared) LED lights illuminate the darkness of deep water without altering fish to your presence. Thanks to the IP68 weather-sealing, you can reach depths of up to 50m depending on your model. There is also a shallow-water design that’s less expensive but rated only down to 15m.

And thanks to the DVR function, you can record HD video (720p) to a TF (MicroSD) card. An 8GB TF card is also included so you can start recording right away!

  • Monitor: 1000 TVL resolution; 9-inch display
  • Features: 12 IR LEDs for low-light vision, lure-shaped camera, DVR recording to TF card (included), 50m depth
  • Operating Time: Up to 8 hours using a 4500 mAh battery
  • Price: Check On Amazon (50m depth) or Check On Amazon (15m depth)

2) Anysun Underwater Fishing Camera

What Is The Best Underwater Fishing Camera

While pricier than the Eyoyo 9-inch model, the Anysun offers a significant advantage in using a full 360-degree viewing angle. The camera can rotate within its protective housing using the OSD Menu Remote.

118 high-powered white LED lights can be used for illumination as well as 20 IR LEDs, which can be used alongside the whites or separately.

An unfortunate downside compared to other models is the more limited depth the ANysun 360 can reach. The cable has 20m of reach; suitable for shallow water exploration but possibly not enough for some uses. The cable is also cold-resistant, weatherized, and strengthened against pulls; ideal if a snag suddenly catches the camera.

  • Monitor: 800 TVL resolution; 7-inch display
  • Features: 360-degree camera, 20m depth, 20 IR LEDs for low-light vision
  • Operating Time: 7-8 hours using 4500 mAh battery
  • Price: Check On Amazon

3) Eyoyo Portable 7-inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder

What Is The Best Underwater Fishing Camera

The Portable 7-inch takes everything we love about the 9-inch model, brings the price down, and makes it just that much more portable! The 7-inch color display still doesn’t skimp on resolution; with 1000 TVL it’s right on par with the 9-inch Eyoyo.

Like the 9-inch, you have a shorter 15m line for shallow water exploration and a longer 30m cable for midwater exploration (rather than the 50m Eyoyo 9-inch). All models still come with the silver lure-shaped camera that both blends into the environment and actively attract fish. 12 IR LEDs also provide low-light illumination that’s less likely to spook skittish fish.

The waterproof case includes a sunshade when open to ensure ambient lighting doesn’t overwhelm the bright display. And despite the high resolution, you have an excellent 8 hours of operation time to work with thanks to the 4500 mAh battery!

That said, this model can’t record to a TF card. If you’re looking for DVR functionality, you’ll need to use the Eyoyo Portable 9-inch Fish Finder.

  • Monitor: 1000 TVL resolution; 7-inch display
  • Features: 12 IR LEDs for low-light vision, lure-shaped camera, 30m depth
  • Operating Time: Up to 8 hours using 4500 mAh battery
  • Price: Check On Amazon (30m depth) or Check On Amazon (15m depth)

4) Spydro Underwater Fishing Camera

What Is The Best Underwater Fishing Camera

The Spydro uses an innovative design; rather than attaching to a boat-based tether, it connects directly to your fishing line! That way you have full visibility of incoming fish that are looking to bite (which can be set to trigger recording).

As soon as the spydro gets wet it begins recording not only Full HD (1080p) at up to 30 fps but also water temperature, salinity, and movement speed for future reference. Considering it’s designed to sit close to your lure, the Spydro is waterproof down to 150m, making this by far the deepest operating underwater camera.

Despite being attached to the line the unit is tapered to avoid causing excess drag and only weighs 90 grams. Each time a fish triggers the bite recording the Spydro also creates a waypoint on a Google map for future reference!

  • Monitor: none
  • Features: records water conditions & location of strikes, Full HD video recording, 150m depth
  • Operating Time:5 hours
  • Price: Check On Amazon

5) PowerVision Wizard Underwater Drone

What Is The Best Underwater Fishing Camera

The Wizard Underwater Drone is a significant step up from the standard cameras because it can do so many things the other models cannot.

Instead of being tethered directly under you, it can swim under its own power, up to 70 meters away and 30m down.  The drone records in 4K UHD (3820 x 2160p) and can shoot 12MP bursts at up to 5 frames per second. Images and video are recorded onto an included 64GB SD card.

Fishfinder sonar helps you locate fish in poor visibility conditions and VR goggles allow you to see what the drone sees as it cruises along. The Wizard can even drop bait as it cruises along, setting up the ideal feeding ground for your next catch! Being pilotage, it’s ideal for wreck exploration, salvage, underwater videography, and boat inspection as well as fishing.

  • Monitor: cell phone via Base Station connection/VR Goggles
  • Features: VR Goggles for live viewing, 4K video/12MP photo recording, drone swims on its own up to 70m of distance & 30m of depth
  • Operating Time: Up to 2-3 hours
  • Price: Check On Amazon


Each of these models has something unique to offer the tech-savvy angler. If you’re looking for a more traditional setup, both of the Eyoyo models as well as the Anysun provide a boat-centric recording style.

For the more mobile underwater recorder, the Spydro provides both a view from your actual lure as well as important information on the location and water conditions. But if you’re willing to spend significantly more than the other models here, there’s no question that the Wizard Underwater Drone has a lot of unique features the other models don’t, including full mobility.

So what is the best underwater fishing camera? The Wizard Underwater Drone is the best choice despite being significantly pricier. Otherwise, I’d recommend any one of these five cameras!

You can search below for more underwater fishing cameras.

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  • It is funny that I happened across this article today. I was just talking about drones to my fiance and how they’re able to get incredible shots that most of us would not be able to experience otherwise and then I come across this article about underwater fishing cameras. Instead of catching breathtaking shots in the air, these cameras catch breathtaking shots underwater. I love how you included recommendations at all different price points. 

  • This is a wonderful article related to something I love.  I enjoy fishing of all kinds.  I have fished from the high arctic to central America.  I have never heard of a camera used for fishing.  I have depth and fish finders that simply offer a blip and depth.  Your image is of clear, salt water.  Would these camera work in darker fresh water?  It might sound ridiculous,but I was also wondering if they would work under the ice.  I can going to do more research on the product and bookmark your site.

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