Exposure Modes

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Exposure modes allow photographers more control over the amount of light used to capture images.

  • Automatic Exposure (AE Mode): Will detect light levels and set the exposure accordingly.
  • Manual Exposure (M Mode): Allows photographers to set aperture area and shutter speed for hands-on control over exposure.
  • Aperture Priority (AP Mode): Camera will compensate with appropriate shutter speed to give the best picture.
  • Exposure Compensation (EV Mode): Gives photographers the ability to alter auto exposure settings for artificial control over the amount of light in a picture.
  • Program AE (P Mode): Functions much like auto exposure, but give photographers more detailed control over a number of possible settings.
  • Shutter-Priority Auto Mode (S Mode): Allows photographers to select a shutter speed while the camera sets the aperture for correct exposure.
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