Best Memory Card Case in 2023

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Best Memory Card Case

Using a proper case is important to protect your memory cards from potential damage like drops, spills, and bumps, and protect them from dust and moisture.

A memory card case can also help you organize your memory cards, letting you easily find them whenever you need them, Finally, SD card cases are portable devices and convenient to carry so you can easily carry them anywhere you want.

What to look for when choosing a memory card case

Buying an SD card case is a pretty simple task, and all you need to do is focus on some essential features and you’re good to go:

Quality: It’s wise to get an SD card case made from a material that will last longer, and avoid cheap plastic ones.

Easy to carry: A portable design that can easily fit in your purse, or camera bag is an ideal choice.

Proper closure: A case with a proper locking closure is important, so you won’t have to worry about dust or water sneaking in or your SD cards sliding out.

Size and capacity: The size of a memory card case depends on the type and the number of cards it will store, so make sure that you pick the right one for your memory cards.

There are many memory card types in use today in our modern cameras and they have different physical dimensions.

The most common memory cards used today are SDXC cards, followed by CFast but in the last two years, we’ve seen XQD card slots appear on new cameras. More recently we’ve seen CFexpress media cards appear.

The following is the physical dimensions of memory cards

  1. Macro SD card measures 15 mm × 11 mm
  2. MiniSD card measures 5 mm x 20 mm
  3. SD card measures 32mm x 24mm
  4. CFAST card measures 8 mm x 36.4 mm x 3.3 mm
  5. XQD card measures 5 mm × 29.8 mm × 3.8 mm
  6. CFexpress
  • Type A measures 20mm x 28mm x 2.8mm
  • The Type B measures measure 5mm x 29.6mm x 3.8mm
  • Type C measures 54mm x 74mm x 4.8mm

Best Memory Card Case

Memory card cases, holders, and wallets all store your cards in a safe and efficient way, some of them come with additional features like labels, being waterproof, shock/impact proof, and dustproof! There are many options to choose from so we hope the below list may help you choose the best one.

Pelican 0915 case

Best Memory Card Case-Pelican 0915 case

Key Features

  • Holds 12 SD, 6 miniSD, and 6 microSD Cards
  • Removable Insert Liner
  • Made of Tough Polycarbonate Resin
  • Water-Resistant Seal

The Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case is one of the top sellers on B&H Photo & Amazon and comes in at the top of many lists and personal recommendations among industry professionals, especially since it offers a shock and water-resistant seal to provide an extra level of protection for your memory cards.

The black 0915 Memory Card Case is secure storage for your memory cards done the Pelican way. Featuring the tough, water-resistant case that Pelican is known for, the 0915 is insurance against disaster.

The removable insert liner holds up to 12 SD, six miniSD, and six microSD cards in a snug, form-fitting cutouts. When closed, the case is virtually indestructible and, of course, protects its contents from damage caused by water or moisture.

Elephant Elite 26 SD Waterproof Hard Memory Card Case

Elephant Elite 26 SD Waterproof Hard Memory Card Case

Key Features

  • Hard Polypropylene Copolymer Material
  • Holds 26 SD Cards
  • Chemical, Corrosion, Crush Resistant
  • IP67-Rated, Dust and Waterproof
  • Custom Protective Card-Slot Foam Insert
  • Automatic Pressure Release Valve
  • Lightweight at 6 oz

The Elite 26 SD Waterproof Hard Memory Card Case Keeps your valuable files and data safe and protected. The solid black case features a hard polypropylene exterior, an O-ring lid seal, and an automatic pressure release valve. The custom black foam insert offers maximum protection for your cards. The case guards against impacts, corrosion, and chemical reactions, while ensuring the interior is free from the intrusion of water and dust.

Ruggard Leda Memory Card Case for 6 XQD or CFexpress Cards

Best Memory Card Case

Key Features

  • Fits 6 XQD or CFexpress Type B Cards
  • Molded-Rubber Lining
  • Polycarbonate Exterior Shell
  • Snap Closure
  • Molded Eyelet
  • Carabiner Included
  • Dimensions: 9 x 3.2 x 1.0″ / 12.4 x 8.1 x 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 4 oz / 113.4 g

Store, protect, and transport your valuable image files in this black Leda Memory Card Case from Ruggard. The case holds six XQD or CFexpress Type B cards. It has a molded-rubber lining, a polycarbonate exterior shell, and a snap closure. Carry the case with the molded eyelet and included carabiner.

  • Molded-Rubber Lining

The protective molded rubber lining provides a secure custom fit for each memory card and prevents cards from bouncing around

  • Polycarbonate Case

The rigid polycarbonate construction is lightweight and strong to provide impact and crush protection

  • Snap Closure

The snap closure provides a weatherproof seal and closes with an audible click so you know it’s securely closed

  • Molded Eyelet

The molded eyelet provides a secure connection point for a strap, hook, or carabiner


SKOLOO card case

Best Memory Card Case

Key Features

  • It has 8 slots for SD SDHC SDXC Cards + 8 slots for Micro SD TF cards / Black.
  • Due to the weatherproof-TPU-plastic & tailor-made slot, the memory card holder snugly keeps cards in place, easy in & out.
  • A high-quality seal strip secures cards in the box from water, dust, and debris.
  • With a durable ABS exterior, it is a great protective sd card carrying case.
  • Item Weight: ‎84 ounces
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 92 x 3.15 x 0.79 inches

Think Tank Photo Pixel Pocket Rocket Memory Card Case

Best Memory Card Case

The Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket Memory Card Carrier is a handy, compact pouch that houses 10 CF cards. It’s also a great business card holder. Small enough to fit easily into your pocket and attachable to clothing, belts, and other Think Tank products (such as bags)

The Rocket is a convenient and portable accessory for all photographers, pros, and enthusiasts alike. It has a touch fastener closure and folds up wallet-style. The bright blue color makes the pouch readily identifiable and hard to miss.

The Pixel Pocket Rocket is durable, made of 420D Diamond Rip-Stop and 210D Antron Nylon. It is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Key Features

  • Made Of 420D Diamond Rip-Stop Nylon
  • Holds 10 CF Cards
  • Great Business Card Holder
  • Attach To Clothing, Belt, Or Bags
  • Touch Fastener Closure
  • Dimensions: 12.1 x 7 x 1.3cm

Gepe CardSafe Extreme All-In-One Case for Compact Flash, SD, SM, Memory Stick, Micro SD

Best Memory Card Case

Store and protect eight Micro SD cards, four SD, and four CF cards in the onyx Gepe All-in-One Card Safe Extreme from Gepe. A well-designed case, it is watertight with an IPX7 rating and floats in water for easy retrieval if dropped.

In addition, the Safe also provides dust, static electricity, humidity, and impact protection. The Safe features clear windows for viewing contents, and a clasp closure that is easy to operate while wearing gloves.

To remind them of how many empty cards are left, many photographers will store them with the label up for empty, and label down for full. Made of polycarbonate, with a reinforced hinge and stainless steel pin, this crush-proof case is strong and durable.

Key Features

  • Holds 8 Micro SD, 4 SD, and 4 CF Cards
  • Watertight Case with IPX7 Rating
  • Floats in Water
  • Protects Against Static Electricity
  • Clear Windows for Viewing Contents
  • Clasp Closure
  • Easy to Use with Gloves
  • Made of Strong Polycarbonate
  • Reinforced Hinge
  • Stainless Steel Pin
  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 0.9 x 3.0″ / 9.9 x 2.4 x 7.7 cm
  • Weight: 3.2 oz / 90 g

JJC SD card case

Best Memory Card Case

Key Features

  • Can store SD/SDXC/SDHC Card x 12,Micro SD/SDHC/SDHC x 24
  • Water resistance &Anti-shock: High-quality ABS material, strong and durable. The memory card storage box sealing ring is made of advanced silicone.
  • The card box lock is closed firmly
  • Soft foam lining, and a precise card slot, help to hold the memory card in place
  • Weight: ‎39 ounces
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 4.92 x 2.97 x 0.69 inches

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  • Choosing a memory card can be a challenge. I’m not a technician myself, so I’m not very gifted in selecting random computer materials like memory cards. However, I know that my memory cards must be easy to carry, and have sufficient memory to handle all my documents. I like the red one and the last one in particular.

  • Wow Amin, I just wanted to thank you for doing such a thorough comparison of the memory card cases. It made is such a simple and easy way to see which one suited me best and I you saved me a whole lot of time doing the research myself. I have settled for the Pelican 0915 as I like the casing and it holds two size SD – which works for me! Thank you!

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