The World First Auto-Leveling Tripod: Benro Theta

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Benro, a trusted tripod maker has produced the first-ever camera tripod that automatically self-levels with just a push of a single button using its internal battery-powered system.

As we all know, when using a tripod during your photography sessions, it is very important to make sure that your tripod is leveled irrespective of the condition of the ground on which it is placed. The leveling process could be a rather time-consuming process and a waste of valuable preparation time.

Theta tripod

Benro is labeling its new tripod as Theta, it is very useful for letting photographers focus on their work instead of endless adjustments in the field. Just by pressing the one-key Auto Leveling function, it solves the biggest problem of traditional tripods in recent decades.

In addition, The Theta features a set of modules that provide a host of benefits: a battery module, a camera control module, a “GoLive” module, and an optical sensor module.

So, let us go on and discuss its main features.

Theta Main features

  1. Construction

As Benro Theta is considered a travel tripod, Portability is particularly important while ensuring that there is enough strength to support heavy camera and lens weight. It is the perfect balance between good portability and adequate strength.

Construction drawing of Theta tripod

The Theta tripod has three cylindrical legs made of carbon fiber, with a middle shaft made of aluminum alloy. It features a leg secure mechanism.

  1. Dimensions

It comes in two different sizes: Theta (travel tripod) and Theta Max (Heavy duty tripod). The dimensions of both sizes and their load capacity are shown in the figure below.

Dimensions and load capacity of Theta and Theta max tripods

  1. Tripod heads

Theta is equipped with two head types:

  • Ball head: 360-degree spherical head, that allows shooting at any angle.

Ball head

  • Pan & tilt head: It allows you to lock the pan and tilt axes separately, it is convenient when shooting videos.

Pan and Tilt head

  1. Camera mounting

The Theta head also features an auto-lock and quick-release mechanism. You just need to align, slide and twist to mount your camera body on the theta tripod. Press the QR plate into the gimbal lock and the latch will automatically turn and lock it.

Camera mounting n the tripod

  1. Leg lock mechanism

Photographers need to ensure that the leg joints are locked tight enough to avoid the leg tube slipping and the camera falling. The Theta tripod features a unique self-locking mechanism to secure safety. Even if you forget to lock the legs completely, the safety mechanism will automatically lock the legs, and keep it from tipping.

  1. Smart Extension Interfaces (Modules)

The Theta can be connected to a variety of smart devices to expand its functions. There are four different modules with different functions you can choose among them, they are as follow:


Battery module

The battery module provides the Theta tripod with sufficient electric power to support the auto-level feature.

By pressing the control button on the battery module you can trigger the automatic level calibration of the tripod.

Auto level

In addition, it can be used as a power bank. It can charge your camera or other modules through a USB port.



The camera module allows you to connect the Theta tripod to your smartphone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. So, you can remotely view the camera’s live view on your smartphone in real-time. In addition, you can directly preview and download your photo files on your phone wirelessly.

Finally, you can also remote settings and adjust your camera parameters like ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and focal length via the Theta app. It can also be used as a remote shutter release to trigger your camera shutter.



This module allows you to share your camera view right away using the module’s HDMI port and Wi-Fi connection. Simply tap to live streaming on YouTube, Facebook, or streaming on other social media platforms via RTMP (Real Time Massaging Protocol)

You can also customize the streaming quality based on your needs and the Wi-Fi connection speed.



If you are planning to shoot a high-quality time-lapse video, you need a smooth and stable light transition between shots to avoid light flickering disruptions. This module can help you to auto-adjust the camera’s exposure settings dynamically to get a photo sequence with smooth and consistent exposures.

This module uses an extremely accurate, reliable optical matrix sensor, and gyroscope to detect the ambient light hence adjusting the camera’s exposure parameters automatically.


This module is used by simply mounting it on the hot shoe of your camera and realizing real-time exposure auto adjustment via Bluetooth and camera control module connection on the Theta application.

In addition, this module also auto-levels the Theta tripod based on the camera’s surface before each shot when required.

Where can I get it?

Theta tripod is coming soon on Kickstarter, you may reserve your early-bird specials.

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All the photos used in this article are credited to Benro‘s website.

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  • Watching this tripod level itself is so cool! The modules are pretty impressive as well. I’m sure this will become quite a hit item for photographers. 

    What do you think we expect price wise? The auto levelling alone is such an asset, the construction materials high quality, I can imagine a hefty price tag. But with the addition features definitely a worthwhile purchase. 

    This was a lovely article. Informative and captivating. 

    • Thanks for the comment, glad you like the article. The prices are as follows:

      Theta Tripod – 120 cm / 47,2-inch version for $349Theta Max Tripod – 170 cm / 67-inch version for $399Battery Module – Kickstarter Special $50 instead of $149

  • Hey, Thanks for the great piece of information that you have provided. I’m not a professional photographer but sometimes I took photos. I was looking for a new tripod for my camera. I had one before but the dimension of it was too big and it wasn’t comfortable enough especially when I went to the treap I was in trouble. I checked the Theta and the Theta max dimensions. Both are great for me.

    • I agree with you, you absolutely need a travel tripod, especially with a lightweight and convenient size. Thanks for your comment. 

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