Top Reasons Photographers Prefer Using Black and White Pictures

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Top Reasons Photographers Prefer Using Black and White Pictures

During the early days of photography, black and white was a necessity. Photographers did not have access to the technologies of modern times. Although photographers today can play with colors, they still prefer black and white pictures. Some even prefer grayscale images with shades of gray to make the pictures pop and appear nostalgic.

While the debate of color versus black and white photography is ongoing in the shutterbug community, this post exclusively concentrates on letting you know why the latter continues to be a favorite. Continue reading to comprehend the intrigue and relevancy of such images.

Removes Distractions

Top Reasons Photographers Prefer Using Black and White Pictures

Colors can distract the viewer and remove their focus from what the picture is trying to convey. Typically, the human eye is instantly attracted to color, and if the color is not part of the subject, it can easily confuse the mind. Therefore, sometimes, color can complicate the scene and visually pull the eyes towards details that are not part of the scene. Also, colors quickly become overwhelming.

On the other hand, black and white photography doesn’t overwhelm the audience. The pictures are not visually complicated, and there’s the right amount of dramatic and creative flair. Photographers usually use black and white pictures to capture landscapes or human emotions.

It is Versatile

Top Reasons Photographers Prefer Using Black and White Pictures

Black and white photography is a format that aptly suits all types of photography. From landscapes to portraits and architecture, it can quickly adapt itself. Also, it can adjust to any lighting situation. When you need to click color pictures, photographers have to ensure the sunny days or the images are captured in a brightly lit studio.

But black and white photography is possible even in low light conditions, and it can make the pictures appear moody.

Creative Choices are Enhanced

Top Reasons Photographers Prefer Using Black and White Pictures

The world is in color, and hence, color photography is much more descriptive and realistic than black and white photography. Colored pictures depict the world as it is, but black and white images show a version of reality that seems much more creative. The images are interpretive and allow photographers to break away from several restrictions. So, you don’t have to show the way the world is, but you can show your interpretation of the world. It might involve interesting shadows, unusual relationships, etc.

By taking away color, you remove the things your viewer is used to seeing. You present a new world to your viewers that they might not have anticipated. For instance, they might have seen Big Ben in London, but when you represent it in black and white, the drama and creativity surrounding Big Ben become surreal, and that attracts attention. Similarly, you can show your viewers other aspects of the world in black and white and bring out specific emotions through your images.

The Images Appear Timeless

Top Reasons Photographers Prefer Using Black and White Pictures

One of the top reasons photographers prefer black and white pictures is their timeless appeal. Black and white photography existed long before color photography came to the scene, and therefore, these images appear dated and go back in time. Furthermore, color schemes constantly change with time, and they typically include datable elements. In black and white photography, the features are challenging to place.

Moreover, black and white pictures are capable of transcending reality and taking you to a place of an alternate reality. It alters your perception and shows you the world in a different light. These images force you to think and feel. Even if the picture is of the modern world, black and white can make it look like the picture is out of this time.

Adds Mood and Emotions

Top Reasons Photographers Prefer Using Black and White Pictures

Black and white pictures evoke mood and force viewers to feel something when they look at the pictures. They tend to create a wonderful mood and evoke emotions. They can be quite intense sometimes, especially in landscape and portrait photography.

If you wonder why black and white photographs evoke mood, it is because of the rich blacks, the tonal range, and the deep contrast. All of these appeal to the psychology of the viewers. Also, if you think because the pictures are in black and white, there are no subtle tones to them, you are gravely mistaken. It is much harder to perfect a black and white photo than perfect a color photo since there are subtle changes to the tones.

Black and white photography forces viewers to stop whatever they are doing and pay attention. That’s the reason why photographers continue to prefer black and white pictures.

The Bottom Line

Color dominates the world, but black and white pictures are a mood that cannot be expressed in mere words. The timelessness of these images transcends time and makes viewers feel nostalgic. These images are a mood in themselves.

Are you a photographer? What is your opinion on black and white photography?

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  • I have often wondered why so many people say that the best photographs, are black and white ones. The way in which you say that black and white doesn’t overwhelm the audience, or distract from the main focus of the photograph, explains it all to me. 

    Looking at the images you have here, there are so many subtle nuances captured in them, that they speak to the viewer. Thank you for opening my eyes to how much better black and white photographs can be. 

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